Home Computer Services Cairns

Home Computer Services Cairns

Computer problems always occur when you least expect them, and they can cost you more than you thought. That’s why you need to contact a computer support expert immediately when the problem occurs.

But don’t go for just any computer support specialist you find in Cairns, look for a local expert with experience and budget-friendly quotes.

Is in-home computer services more expensive?

It depends on the expert you hire. On average, a computer technician may charge you around $60 an hour to complete repairs. However, the total amount you’ll pay for the service will mainly depend on the type of services you need.

For easy repairs and fixes, you can spend around $10 – $20, while for more complex services, your total costs maybe $100 or more.

The overall costs could also be higher depending on the technician’s travel fees and his/her skills in the market.


How long does it take to fix a computer?

There’s no fixed timeline with computer repairs. The total time an expert will take on the repairs will depend on the severity of the computer failure, the technician’s experience, and the model of your computer..

In most cases, fixing may take anywhere from an hour to a full day (24 hours) for simple hardware replacements.

If a serious component like the motherboard is destroyed, the wait for a new one could push the fixing time to around a week or two.

Some typical home computer services

Below is a list of common issues that a home computer service expert can help fix on your computer.

Laptop overheating – Mainly caused by a failing cooling system, i.e., dust build-up in the fan and ventilation system. Service involves cleaning the cooling system and troubleshooting possible failing software.

Corrupt hard drive – Caused by sudden power failure, software failures, and antivirus malfunction. Service involves assessing files to determine the extent of data corruption – whether there’s physical damage or just software compromise.

Data recovery – This service entails using different software or opening up the hard drive to recover lost and corrupt data without violating the manufacturer’s warranty.

Slow computer – This could be caused by insufficient memory space, too many updates, or virus attack. Service involves adding more RAM and HDD/SDD for extra memory space and also virus removal.

Broken screen – The service entails removing the broken screen and replacing it with a new one.

Printing issues – Mainly caused by computer-printer driver compatibility failure or port connection problems. The service entails updating the printer drivers on your computer.

Hard drive not working – Service involves repairing and updating hardware and installing new hardware.

Update to Windows 10 – The service entails backing up your files and upgrading your old operating system to Windows 10. It may also involve partitioning your computer to accommodate multiple operating systems.

Screen is black – Caused by update failure, graphics-card failure or other hardware defects. This service involves testing your peripheral device connections, rolling back or updating drivers, and fixing software incompatibility problems.

Mac running slow – Service entails cleaning and updating your software, upgrading hardware, adding more RAM, and scanning for malware or crypto-jacking software.

Computer not connecting to the internet – Caused by driver issues, hardware defects, failed updates, malware attacks, or router connection faults. Service involves analysing your connection system, updating your drivers, upgrading hardware and resolving your router connections.


In most cases, you can, but it’ll depend on your computer technician. Most experts accept debit and credit card payments, but there are still some who prefer cash or check. Paying with your credit card is recommended since it allows you to dispute the payment transaction if you’re not satisfied with the technician services and they refuse to refund.

Around 2 – 8 hours for small repair services like software upgrades or internet connection issues. For more complex repairs like data recovery, malware removal and motherboard replacement, the process may take up to a week.

It all depends on the age, condition and the cost of the job. For laptops older than five years, repairing may not be the best option. This is because most of its components were designed to last for around five years. Past that, they begin losing their efficiency. Replacing it is the best option at this point.

The extent of the damage is also important. If your laptop’s damage affected most of the important components like the motherboard, screen and battery, you might as well prepare to replace it.

If the cost of repairing your laptop is almost equal to or higher than that of replacing it, getting a new one is your best option.

Between 5 – 8 years for desktop computers. These computers have a relatively short lifespan, but some can live to the 10-year mark with proper maintenance and regular updates.

For laptops, the minimum lifespan is around two years. They, however, can last for up to 8 years with good usage habits and maintenance.

Author Bio: Adam Barnes is a college graduate in IT with over 15 years of industry experience. Working a variety of IT jobs with large IT support companies and Hotels, Adam started his own local computer repair service which has been going from strength to strength. Adam is skilled in the areas of POS systems, data recovery, computer repairs, and web design.