Computer Repairs Cost in Cairns

How much do computer repairs cost?

The cost of computer repairs will all depend on what needs fixing. Sometimes your problems are from a virus that can be removed in minutes, but other times you may have a corrupt hard drive that needs replacing.

If you want to give us a quick call on 0499 235 506, we should be able to give you a estimate over the phone.

How much do we charge per hour?

We have found that charging an hourly rate is not a fair way to charge customers. If a computer repair takes longer than we thought, we would prefer you still pay the same price.

This is why we charge all computer services by the job. Nobody likes going to pick up their car from the mechanic only to find the “flux capacitor” needed replacing costing $500 extra!

A fixed price for computer repairs is great news for you the customer because no matter how long it takes, we will on honour our initial price.

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If it is a simple fix it can cost as little as $50. There are so many different problems a computer can have, but there a lot of standard solutions. 

Normally most computer repairs cost $150 or less.

There are a few common things we get time and time again. They are:

  • Slow computer
  • Viruses
  • Crashing computer
  • Networking problems
  • Problems connecting to the internet.
  • Blue screen of death
  • Corrupt hard drives

If you are in a hurry we can come to your place and fix the problem fast. Other issues will take more time and it is best to take it back to the workshop.

Normally repairs take 1 -2 hours but in rare cases can take days.

Author Bio: Adam Barnes is a college graduate in IT with over 15 years of industry experience. Working a variety of IT jobs with large IT support companies and Hotels, Adam started his own local computer repair service which has been going from strength to strength. Adam is skilled in the areas of POS systems, data recovery, computer repairs, and web design.