Laptop Repairs Cairns

Laptop Repairs Cairns

Last Updated: 01 Feb 2021

Is your laptop acting up, has a cracked screen, frustrating you with slow startups? These and many other easily fixable issues can be annoying and frustrating when you want to get work done.

If you want your laptop problems solved with the least hassle in or around the Cairns, QLD area, then Affordable Computer Services Cairns should be on your speed dial.

Adam, owner, pro computer technician here ACSC has been fixing laptops and all manner of devices for over a decade.  A safe pair of hands, Adam takes great pride in solving his customers’ lappy issues on a day-to-day basis, and at a fair price!


Laptop Repair Near Me

Affordable Computer Services is your trusty, reliable laptop repair services in and around Cairns, Australia. If you ever find yourself asking about notebook repair services near you, chances are that we shall pop up. We offer anything from repairing mechanical issues to malware and ransomware removal.

Some common but easy to fix laptop issues we can fix include but are not limited to:

  • Replacing broken laptop screens
  • Recovery after laptop crashes
  • Overheating and uncomfortably loud laptop fans
  • Malware/ virus removal and recovery
  • Bad batteries or battery upgrades and swaps
  • Internal upgrades – extra RAM, disk space, SSDs, Faster Wi-Fi cards
  • Laptop Keyboard repairs
  • Professional Laptop cleaning -internals and externals, and much more!

Laptop Screen Repairs


A cracked or dead screen does not mean it’s time to bin your trusty laptop and get a new one. With a wide range of laptop screen replacement parts available, we can give it a new lease of life.

 A typical laptop screen repair job at our local computer shop could cost as little as AUD $150. This includes everything from the replacement laptop screen of the same quality plus labor.

How Much Does Laptop Repair Cost?

Computer repair costs could be anything from as low as $50 AUD to $350 in Cairns depending on what needs to be fixed.  *Here are some estimates of the costs you could incur if you choose to have your laptop repair done at our shop in Cairns:

*These are estimates. Laptop repair costs may vary slightly depending on the extent of damage, laptop model, replacement parts and other factors. Talk to Affordable Computer Services Cairns for a more accurate and personalized quote or pay us a visit!

Repairing Keyboards on A Laptop

Spilling liquids on a laptop keyboard or having dirt lodged under individual keys can be frustrating. Luckily, laptop keyboards replaced quite easily and affordably. Affordable Computer Services Cairns stocks replacement keyboards for all kinds of laptop models including HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo among others.


Power Supply/ Charger Issues

You’ll know if your power supply is dead or acting up if your laptop doesn’t turn on, turns off immediately after the fans come on or turns on without showing anything on the screen. A simple motherboard power supply fix would be enough to eliminate any of these issues.

 At the same time, a faulty laptop charger could destroy your laptop’s motherboard or refuse to charge. Getting it fixed or getting a replacement charger at our shop could be just what you need.

We Repair All Laptop Models from Different Brands

Affordable Computer Services Cairns is your one-stop-shop for all computer and laptop repairs and replacement parts. We repair all popular brands like: Dell Acer, HP, Asus, Lenovo, MacBooks, and all other popular models

Some Common Laptop Problems Are:

Faulty Keyboards, Cracked Screen, other mechanical issues- These very common mechanical issues don’t mean the end of your laptop. Get them fixed today at an affordable price!

Overheating, Loud Fans, Slow Startup, Hanging and Slow Loading– Such problems could be a sign of virus or malware infection or need for a memory, SSD or CPU upgrade.

Laptop refusing to charge turn on or blank screens– Power supply related issues are the most frustrating, especially for fairly used or older laptops. They also are quite easy to fix.


Yes, most laptop problems can be fixed with relative ease by a pro. Anything from motherboard issues, software crashes, lost data, cracked screens, can be looked at and repaired.

It can take as little as an hour or less to fix minor issues such as screens and laptop keyboards at our shop. More complex repair jobs shouldn’t take more than a day to fix too.

We often get questions like if it’s worth it to replace a laptop screen or bin it and get a new one. A new laptop would set you back a thousand or more AUD, but a screen replacement is way cheaper than that. What’s more, the screen replacement is often of the same quality as the one we are replacing and comes with a warranty. The same applies to most other problems you might have with your current laptop.

A slow laptop can be fixed by upgrading performance components such as RAM, the CPU and storage. Any virus/Malware related throttling can be fixed too.

Author Bio: Adam Barnes is a college graduate in IT with over 15 years of industry experience. Working a variety of IT jobs with large IT support companies and Hotels, Adam started his own local computer repair service which has been going from strength to strength. Adam is skilled in the areas of POS systems, data recovery, computer repairs, and web design.