Affordable Computer Services Cairns

As we quickly become the fastest-growing computer services company in cairns, we are care full not to take it for granted and continue to treat each customer like they are our first, but doing our best to serve your needs while keeping costs as affordable as possible.

How much do computer services cost?

The cost of computer repair services will largely depend on the service being performed. Some jobs as quick and easy like upgrading windows or eradicating viruses from your system, but others are more technical such as data recovery, networking, and server installation.

To get an accurate price on the computer issue you are facing, please give Adam a quick call to get an accurate price and free advice.

How to find a good computer service technician?

Talking to a computer technician is a bit like talking to a mechanic for most. They tell you they need to replace your “flux capacitor” and it will cost you $1,200 and there is nothing you can do but pay up.

The unique thing about Adam and Affordable computers is he recognizes that giving you honest advice and several options for you to make an informed decision is good business. We are not here to scam customers out of their hard-earned money. We want to give you the best service and most value so you become raving fans.

Computer service technician

What are the most common computer services?

There are a few that come up time and time again and we absolutely love to fix them for our customers. Below are a few things we get come into the shop.

Performance drops/ slow computers

As time goes by, your notebook computer can get clogged up with files and programs that are no longer used but slow your computer down. It’s a bit like trying to drive with a ton of bricks in your boot. You will get your location, but really slowly.

System crashes

Having your system crash regularly aka “the blue screen of death, is not good and is most likely a fundamental issue with your operating system (windows). It would be virus based and easily eradicated, or it could be terminal. Getting your computer to a technical quick smart is the best option.

Hard drive failure

This can be devastating to anyone who hold all their precious family photos on their computer or a business with sensitive files that must be retrieved.

Luckily, we are experts in recovering data from corrupt or failed hard disks.

Virus Removal

Browsing the web comes with a lot of hidden dangers. It doesn’t take long and you can have viruses, malware and trojan horses infecting your computer giving access to nefarious people or plain crashing your computer. There isn’t a virus we have come across we couple not delete and restore computers to regular function.

A few more common computer services include:

  • Printer won’t print
  • Computer restarts
  • WIFI disconnecting
  • Ad popup’s
  • MAC, PC and laptop repairs
  • Viruses and security
  • Data transfers


Yes, we are more than happy for you to give us a quick call and get a price over the phone. Sometimes we will need to see the computer first, but we should be able to give you a best case/ worst case price.

In most cases it is far cheaper to upgrade or repair your current PC computer or laptop with a new SSD hard drive and some more RAM.

It is all going to depend on what you use it for and how bad a condition your current computer is in.

Most of the time we can have your computer serviced and back to you in a day or two. If you are a business we can come onsite and fix your computer issue then and there so you can be up and running with the hour. 

Give Adam a quick call not and he will let you know the soonest he can have it repaired for you.

Author Bio: Adam Barnes has over 16 years industry experience. Working a variety of IT jobs with large IT support companies in finance, business support, education and hospitality Adam started his own local computer repair service. 

Adam is skilled in areas of IT support, POS systems, data recovery, computer repairs and web design.