Affordable Computer Repairs Cairns

Computer Repairs Cairns

Updated: 2 June 2020

Whether you have broken hardware or just a slow computer, we can have you back up and running fast. A lot of the time it’s something simple that we can diagnose and repair in just a few hours, in other cases your computer might need parts replaced or a full overhaul.

Did you know we spend an average of 130 hours each year waiting for PC’s to load! That’s 16 days or 3 full weeks at the office. The same SanDisk study found PC freezes and crashes are one of the top seven causes of stress in the workplace.

Slow computers cost you valuable time and money, so getting them working well is recommended to keep your business streamlined and profitable.

What we cover


How much do computer repairs cost?

The cost of computer repairs will all depend on what needs fixing. Sometimes your problems are from a virus that can be removed in minutes, but other times you may have a corrupt hard drive that needs replacing.

If you want to give us a quick call on 0499 235 506, we should be able to give you an estimate over the phone for all computer services needed.

How much do we charge per hour?

We have found that charging an hourly rate is not a fair way to charge customers. If a computer notebook repair takes longer than we thought, we would prefer you still pay the same price. This is why we charged by the job. Nobody likes going to pick up their car from the mechanic only to find the “flux capacitor” needed replacing costing $500 extra!

A fixed price for computer repairs is great news for you the customer because no matter how long it takes, we will on honour our initial price.

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  • Adam is so helpful and conscientious. He gave me the help I needed at a fair price. I am happy to know I can call on him whenever I have a problem.”

    Andrew Matthews

  • Wow, exceptional service….. even picked up my computer and delivered within 2 hours.
    Fixed and ready for me to complete an TAFE assignment .
    Great value and friendly, will be using again and lettings my friends know…

    Jenette Whiffin

  • Adam fixed the problem same day I called . Awesome service

    Daniel Boltz

  • Adams Service and knowledge is first rate. He called to my home and was able to repair my desktop straightaway. I havent experienced such good prompt service as Adam provides EVER. His prices are also extremely reasonable. I thoroughly recommend his services. Thanks Adam for getting me back on line so quickly!

    Denise McGrath

  • Adam’s great at his job and very thorough.

    He methodically tested and worked through all the potential hardware and software problems with my laptop, and sorted it with a minimum of fuss.

    Would recommend him to all.


  • All good, helped me straight away.

    Stavro Karamitsos

  • Very knowledgeable, honest and gives fantastic service within quick timing plus affordable prices! Definitely recommend! Thanks!


    Andre Scholz

  • What a treat I got when I met Adam Barnes with a affordable Computer Services. I was in Australia speaking at a conference. My computer with all of my files died. Adam pulled the harddrive out of my laptop and transfer the files to a USB drive within minutes. He is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and works fast. Beyond that his rates are extremely reasonable. I would definitely recommend Affordable Computer Services to anyone needing fast and expert computer repair.


    Steve Huskey

  • Adam was very prompt in repairing my Dell Inspiron. He is very knowledgable and has good people skills. I can recommend his service should your laptop or computer has the old “blue screen”

    Markus Ray

  • Adam fixed my laptop in a couple of days. He picked it up and dropped it off and all at a good price. Very friendly and reliable. I will be referring him on to my family and friend and if definitely use his service again. Thank you Adam. From Kim at Yorkeys 😊

    Paige Delainy

  • had an issue where my pc wouldnt even boot after i stuffed around with it and took it apart Adam managed to fix it and have it back to me in working order on the same day. very quick and reliable service at a good price, will definately be using him again for our business. Duaine from Daintree peaks eco stays.

    Fluidity FPV

What services do Affordable computers provide?

Our computer expert near you can perform tasks like remove viruses, replace screens, connect wireless networks and printers. We guarantee you won’t find better service in cairns at affordable prices.

Here is a shortlist of some of the popular services we provide:

⦁ Repair laptops and desktops
⦁ Remove viruses and malware
⦁ Fix or replace broken hardware
⦁ Recover lost or delete data
⦁ Configure networks and printers
⦁ Secure your computer or network
⦁ Server setup and configuration
⦁ Set up new equipment
⦁ Remote IT support

Laptop repairs in Cairns

Laptop repairs in Cairns is very similar to regular PC repairs, except they are a little more fiddley to work on. Everything is packed in tight to save space and weight to make the portable.

With that being said we have not found a laptop we could not fix, so any laptop repairs needed, we are the company for you. They sometimes take a little more time and parts can be slightly more expensive, but most of the time laptops are worth repairing rather than going to the extra expense of replacing.

Computer repairs near me

A lot of the time a computer manufacture will suggest you send your computer to them to be repaired, but this is just a way for themselves to drum up more business. Let’s face it, if they had done their job correctly the first time you would not need a repair!

You could also be waiting for months before you get your computer shipped off to a certified repairer who will use brand name parts which are 300% more expensive.

We are a local repairer who can do it fast and of the highest quality.

Computer repairs in shop

We can come to you or you can drop your computer off at our show and we can do it here. The quickest way to do things is you drop it in and we deliver it back to you free of charge.

Come and check out our computer shop space where we can demo all the latest POS systems and cybersecurity, as well as cloud storage solutions.

Mobile computer repairs

There are lots of professionals who don’t have the time for computer breakdowns, so we have a mobile computer repair service where we come to you. Adam will drive out to your home and repair the system on-site for a lightning-fast turnaround at very affordable prices.


The cost of computer repairs varies from the type of repair needed to be done. First of all, if you need to fix some problem on your computer, diagnostics will be free of charge (otherwise, they start at $10). Motherboard repairs start at $25 as well as screen repairs. Cleaning the computer from viruses and system optimization starts at around $25 and $15, respectively. Operating system repairs start at $30, while remote support can be anywhere from up to $10.

Cost per hour also varies by the type of the fix needed to be done. It can range anywhere from $10 up to $40. Normally, for any repair that’s not included in the listing (like repairs mentioned above), price will be around $15/hour. That also applies for the number of repairers needed to repair the computer – the price will be per repairer for more than one hired repairer.

Not a single one personal information can be transferred to third-party without your previous consent. Warranty cards for applied fixes should be sought exclusively from the repairer and we advise you to seek the information about company (like contact information) before any repairs, so that you can apply for complaints, if needed. If you don’t receive the necessary information, we advise you to give up on that particular repairer.

Wiping the data should be done with caution and you may end up deleting important files and documents. We advise you to contact our support – if you really want to wipe your computer, we suggest doing a backup beforehand. If you’re not familiar with the term, our team will be glad to help you out thus saving you from the loss of important data.

When you bought your new computer, you expected it to work perfectly at least for the next 5 years. But, using it daily, you realize there are problems that aren’t severe as some others, but can get in the way of your work. There are 3 most common computer problems and repairs that can be done in our service station are: computer is slow, blue screen of death (restarting during work) and there isn’t anything on the screen.

The first and the most important task for computer repair technicians is to find out the root of the problem that you’re experiencing with your computer. Then, technicians use their knowledge and experience to determine the most optimal solution, which’s been proven many times in the past. In certain cases, the computer that requires repair needs to be in the hands of the technician – meaning that the computer can be given to them or they can come to your house.

Yes and no. Computer repairs can be tax deductible only if you’re using the computer for business purposes. Then, you can apply via your small business or company for a tax deduction. Otherwise, if you’re a personal user, then the answer is no. Keep in mind that tax deduction is a thing of legal manner and as such it should be managed with responsibility.

It depends on the company. In most cases, a warranty for all laptops lasts two years for individuals and one year for legal entities. It’s almost always possible to buy extra warranty period and this decision needs to be made during the initial payment. Warranty for battery is often 6 months and if you were to buy extra warranty period for the computer, it wouldn’t apply to the battery.

Yes and no. By the term “self-repair” we imply on the software issues and the installed programs that can, to a certain measure, repair some of the common problems. Many operating systems come with previously installed anti-virus software. When it comes to hardware repairs, the computer is incapable of repairing itself and you need to bring it to the computer service station.

We would normally always suggest laptop repairs before replacements, since the issue might not be so extreme. However, in certain cases, there could be irreversible damage to the computer’s components and the fixes wouldn’t make any difference at all. If you need your computer urgently, we can borrow you a functional computer so that you can work, while we check the issues on your computer and try to fix them.

With our service, there isn’t days-long wait for our technicians to find the issue and fix it. We don’t keep your computer for months in our station. Our technicians repair computers in 7 to 12 workdays and another 2 days for testing the repaired computer. Our staff doesn’t give up so easily, even if the problem seems very severe and unsolvable – the success of computer repairs is over 80%.

In 90% of the cases, you won’t be able to repair your computer and the biggest reason for that is the lack of experience in this area, as well as the lack of necessary tools and programs. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t open your computer and extract the components, since you can do an irreversible damage to the hardware or you can cause the loss of your personal data, permanently.

Most of the computer’s components can be repaired if the service has all of the necessary tools to repair them. In extreme cases, there could be damage that can’t be reversed and the issue that persists. We can then proceed with completely changing your motherboard or other integral components, while making sure the loss of any data doesn’t occur during the process.

In software terms – yes. There are many integrated options for software repairs. Windows 10 has the capability of uninstalling the fix that caused the problem, returning to factory settings (before state), switching back to previous version of Windows 10 or the reinstallation of Windows 10 using a specialized medium. Microsoft also offers specialized websites that deal with the black and blue screens of death.

Author Bio: Adam Barnes is a college graduate in IT with over 15 years of industry experience. Working a variety of IT jobs with large IT support companies and Hotels, Adam started his own local computer repair service which has been going from strength to strength. Adam is skilled in the areas of POS systems, data recovery, computer repairs, and web design.